The interior design team at Marc Russell Interiors is made up of three of masters of their craft, Michael Huard, Nenet Dulalia and Earl Rodier. Together they have created designs for homes, offices, model homes and businesses from Palm Springs to Toronto to Montana.

The “Marc Russell Look” is really your look. They listen to the goals of the client and create rooms, homes and offices where you want to live, invite your friends and see your vision come to life. In our portfolio pages you will see a variety of styles including Mid-Century, Contemporary and Spanish. Our goal is to make the home come to life in the style of the architecture with the vision of the owner.

Affordable design is a key to our success for over 10 years. If we are creating a single dream room or a penthouse apartment, the goal is to create while keeping quality and price in mind. You will see in our furniture showroom that we have great quality and affordable prices for everything from lighting to living room furniture, bedroom furniture and accessories.

Michael Huard
Michael Huard Lead Designer
Michael Huard has been a leading designer for the Palm Springs area since 1992. As principal designer of Marc Russell Interiors, he has been the lead designer on a variety of projects from residential to commercial spaces. He is currently working on projects at Four Seasons, Toronto, Canada and Big Horn Golf Club, Palm Desert, CA.

Michael began his career working in the visual design department of Bullock’s and Neiman-Marcus, helping him to develop his skills in design. This gave him the chance to work with top professionals like Stanley Marcus, one of the founders of Neiman-Marcus.

In 1985, after seven years in retail, Michael had the knowledge and the connections to launch his own company, Michael H. Productions. For over a decade, the company produced fashion shows and commercials for major department stores and designers on the West Coast.

After moving to the desert, Michael opened his own art business in uptown. He then made the transition to Bollman Furniture as their lead designer.

His love of fashion, design and his innate sense of aesthetics combined with his ability to listen to client needs helped him transform his success in the fashion world into successful design.

Nenet Dulalia
Nenet Dulalia Designer
Beauty and functionality are the keys to Nenet’s interior design style. Creativity has been a part of Nenet since attending college in Manila in the Philippines. She was inspired by Manila’s blend of historic castles and cathedrals standing side by side with the modern skyscraper, as well as the currents of water, light and music.

15 years after receiving her degree in Fine Art and Interior Design, she has created spaces for her clients that reflect her vision of their style. “My goal is to have them love and enjoy the new space,” says Nenet. Each project begins with hearing the inspiration of the room, the home and the client. She then begins creating a timeless space where they can invite family and friends, building memories for a lifetime.

Earl Rodier
Earl RodierDesigner
While touring with an international ice skating company, Earl was afforded the opportunity to experience the architecture and design of many different cultures.

Upon arriving in the desert he was pursued by the renowned interior designer Steve Chase to join his personal team. After years of design consulting and project management for the company, he brings his expertise to Marc Russell Interiors.

Earl’s passion for combining elements of modern and the eclectic personal needs of the client afford him the professional view of a true original.

Join him for a journey through design, textiles and form, culminating in your own personal destination.